API Reference

These pages document the public API for cmd2. If a method, class, function, attribute, or constant is not documented here, consider it private and subject to change. There are many classes, methods, functions, and constants in the source code which do not begin with an underscore but are not documented here. When looking at the source code for this library, you can not safely assume that because something doesn’t start with an underscore, it is a public API.

If a release of this library changes any of the items documented here, the version number will be incremented according to the Semantic Version Specification.

This documentation is for cmd2 version 1.0.2.dev8+g274a57b.


  • cmd2.Cmd - functions and attributes of the main class in this library
  • cmd2.decorators - decorators for cmd2 commands
  • cmd2.parsing - classes for parsing and storing user input
  • cmd2.argparse_completer - classes for argparse-based tab completion
  • cmd2.argparse_custom - classes and functions for extending argparse
  • cmd2.ansi - convenience classes and functions for generating ANSI escape sequences to style text in the terminal
  • cmd2.utils - various utility classes and functions
  • cmd2.history - classes for storing the history of previously entered commands
  • cmd2.plugin - data classes for hook methods
  • cmd2.py_bridge - classes for bridging calls from the embedded python environment to the host app
  • cmd2.constants - just like it says on the tin