This module contains constants used throughout cmd2.


If you do not supply shortcuts to cmd2.Cmd.__init__(), the shortcuts defined here will be used instead.


Used by cmd2.Cmd.disable_command() and cmd2.Cmd.disable_category(). Those methods allow you to selectively disable single commands or an entire category of commands. Should you want to include the name of the command in the error message displayed to the user when they try and run a disabled command, you can include this constant in the message where you would like the name of the command to appear. cmd2 will replace this constant with the name of the command the user tried to run before displaying the error message.

This constant is imported into the package namespace; the preferred syntax to import and reference it is:

import cmd2
errmsg = "The {} command is currently disabled.".format(cmd2.COMMAND_NAME)

See src/examples/ for an example.